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TAXES- I will not support an increase in taxes and will propose legislation that allows more of your hard earned money to stay with you.   I believe you have earned it and have better judgement on how and where it will be spent.  I also will not support unfunded state mandates that cause our counties, towns, villages, and schools to raise local property and school taxes.

Veterans and First Responders- These brave men and women have and do sacrifice daily by putting themselves in harms way to ensure our freedom and safety and deserve to treated with respect.   Having served to defend this country this hold near and dear to my heart and I will never leave them out to dry or deny them the benefits they have earned or disrespect the job they have done.

Education- I want ensure that every parent, teacher, and school district has the best opportunity to educate our children in a safe environment.  I believe that when there is an open line of communication from schools and teachers to the parents or guardians then we can achieve success.

Transparency-  We need to make our government transparent, efficient, accountable and effective to us the people of this great state!  There should not be legislation that is buried with wasteful spending and should not be passed in the dead of night or 100's of pages long.   These type of tactics are used to subvert and confuse the constituents and to get "pet" projects passed.

RC Ike for Assembly
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